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 Gorge Local Currency Cooperative


how to buy Netflix shares in Hong Kong The Gorge Local Currency Cooperative (GLCC) administers a formal barter and trade system for the Columbia Gorge region. RiverHOURS is the name of the currency we use to make trading more convenient.

RiverHOURS is a community currency. There are many community currency systems in America already and throughout the world. Community currencies do not replace federal currency, they instead supplement it.

Many people throughout the Gorge region already trade goods and services, for example someone might trade soap for candles, a chiropractor adjustment for a massage, art work for landscaping etc. The major obstacle of this type of trade is that each trader must have something the other wants.

By introducing a local currency, traders can now trade with anyone at any time because there is no longer this limitation. The candle maker can now trade RiverHOURS for the soaps, and the soap maker can take those RiverHOURS to the chiropractor for an adjustment, and the chiropractor can take the RiverHOURS to the landscaper for yard care, who then takes it back to the candle maker for candles. RiverHOURS always stay in the community and continue to circulate, backed by the goods and labor of our friends and neighbors.

Learn more about RiverHOURS and local currencies

Each RiverHOUR note has a federal dollar conversion value.
Our RiverHOURS notes equal a $10 bill, a $5 bill, and a $1 bill.

NOTE: This is a temporary site. Our official site is in the design process and will be completely interactive. You will be able to search for service providers, access your own advertisement and make changes with a password, sign up on line with a credit card and much more. Please keep checking back for these updates. Thank you.

The Trade Directory

forex trading live The GLCC is launching RiverHOURS right now! The GLCC will publish a trade directory four times a year, listing all the goods and services of providers who sign up to advertise. The first trade directory will be published when we have at least 100 advertisers.

You do not have to be an advertiser to accept or use RiverHOURS. Anyone can use RiverHOURS, but advertising has its advantages.

To learn more about advertising your goods or services in the trade directory or on our web site, click here.

Who created RiverHOURS?

The Gorge Local Currency Cooperative was started by dedicated individuals of the community willing to educate themselves in local currencies, economics, and barter and trade systems in other parts of the country and the world. For a list of the GLCC steering committee and their bios, click here.


The GLCC would like the thank the following
individuals and businesses for their support and contributions!

fx charts Tyler Barnes ~ Martin Campos-Davis ~ Brian Carlstrom ~ Columbia Gorge Earth Center ~ Columbia River Bank ~ Lisa Conway
Craig's Office Supply ~ Carolyn Deach ~ db design ~ Ubaldo Hernandez ~ Hood River Library
Hood River Saturday Market ~ Michael Kane ~ Eric Lindsay ~ MadisonHOURS ~ John Mayo
Scott See ~ Don Shawe ~ White Salmon Library ~ Matt Wilcox ~ Carol York


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