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 Gorge Local Currency Cooperative

Business Resources

General Information

RiverHOURS began signing up members in June 2004, and the first notes entered circulation on September 25, 2004.

By November of 2005, we anticipate to have issued five hundred RiverHOURS ($20,000) in the GLCC's focus region. This currency circulates locally, increasing the buying power of local residents. Unlike federal currency, RiverHOURS never leave the local economy.

RiverHOURS are issued in three denominations - 1 HOUR (equal to $10 federal), 1/2 HOUR (equal to $5 federal) and 1/10 HOUR (equal to $1.00). The currency is regulated by the Gorge Local Currency Cooperative (GLCC), an organization dedicated to increasing local trade.

By joining the GLCC, businesses receive listings in our quarterly barter paper as well as on our website. We host events throughout the year to increase trade among our members and take every opportunity to promote RiverHOURS using businesses -- So, get involved!!

If you do business locally, you can benefit by using RiverHOURS. Getting set-up to accept RiverHOURS is easy, as is the accounting. We will be happy to help you get started and are happy to provide ongoing support.

Advantages to accepting RiverHOURS

  • RiverHOURS increase your sales.
    People who accept RiverHOURS will go out of their way to patronize businesses where they can spend RiverHOURS. This generates new and repeat customers for you.
  • Businesses that use RiverHOURS enjoy increased customer loyalty.
    Customers will frequent businesses where they know they can spend their RiverHOURS
  • RiverHOURS support local businesses like yours.
    RiverHOURS stay in the local economy because they are only accepted in the mid-Columbia region. When you accept RiverHOURS, you are participating in a network that supports local businesses over national chains.
  • RiverHOURS are easy to handle.
    No special accounting is needed. Since RiverHOURS are a cash equivalent, treat them just as you would cash. The one HOUR notes are equal to $10, the half HOUR notes are worth $5, and tenth HOUR notes equal $1. Simply put them in the corresponding compartents of a cash register drawer.
  • Advertising and Promotion for your business
    Your membership includes four listings in the RiverHOURS trade directory of goods and services, and an equal number of listings on the RiverHOURS web site.
  • As long as you remain a member, the GLCC will help promote your participation in local currency . Through our website, trade directory, events, press releases, etc., we will make sure the community knows that your business uses RiverHOURS.
  • GLCC volunteers can also provide consultation and support on how to make RiverHOURS work for you, including helping you to find sources to spend your HOURS.
  • FREE RiverHOURS for you to spend!
    You get four free RiverHOURS ($40.00 equivalent) for agreeing to list your goods or services in our barter paper for one year, that's four quarterly issues.

How to participate

Anyone can participate! You don't have to be a member of the GLCC to accept or spend RiverHOURS. If someone comes into your store and asks if you accept RiverHOURS, you are welcome to accept them or not. You do not have to be a member or even advertise in the barter and trade paper. As RiverHOURS becomes more and more popular, there will be more and more customers asking if you accept them. Please, take them! Then use your RiverHOURS to purchase services you need.

How to join the GLCC

  1. Download and print the form from our web site. Submit your four free listings for the RiverHOURS trade directory.
  2. Pay your fees to advertise in the trade directory, and receive four RiverHOURS to start spending.
  3. Evaluate your needs and design a RiverHOURS acceptance policy. See our guide below to help get you started. If desired, contact us to set up a consultation to assist in this process.

More Questions?
Click here to contact the GLCC. We're happy to help in any way we can!


Ways to use RiverHOURS

Setting a RiverHOURS acceptance policy

Business owners have complete control over how many RiverHOURS they accept, and can change their acceptance policies to meet their needs. The amount of RiverHOURS accepted varies from business to business, and each owner sets his or her own policy.

We recommend that you begin with a conservative acceptance policy, and increase your acceptance rate as you develop outlets for spending the RiverHOURS you take in. Here are a few of the many ways participating businesses have structured their acceptance policies:

1. As straight percentage of each purchase.
We'll take up to 50% of your bill in RiverHOURS, and the rest in dollars.

2. As percentage with conditions.
We accept 25% RiverHOURS on purchases over $10
We accept 50% RiverHOURS on purchases made during weekdays.

3. As flat limit of RiverHOURS per purchase.
We take up to 1/2 RiverHOUR per purchase.

4. As flat limit with conditions.
We accept RiverHOURS for up to half of your total on purchases over $15
We accept RiverHOURS for up to half of your total on purchases before noon.

5. As a daily limit on Hours.
We accept a total of up to 50 RiverHOURS per day.

6. As a pricing mechanism for specials.
All red-tag items are 1/2 RiverHOUR each.

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